Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Borstal Boy

March 23rd, 1964

A wonderful talent died.

Brendan Behan was a force of nature!

He left behind a small but brilliant body of work..a few plays, a couple of novels, some observations on Ireland, New York plus a miscellany of short stories based mainly on the colourful characters one meets in the public houses of Ireland.

For anybody who has not discovered his work. Read “Borstal Boy” first. It is simply one of the most human and humane pieces of prose committed to paper.

Behan was paranoid about being found out. He felt he had no talent and his luck would run out. People would discover that his maverick genius would be declared a fake. He tormented himself with this fear and hid it from the world with a sham air of drunken belligerence.

There is a link with my family which I will not divulge here. My parents remember him well.

He died 6 months before I entered the world. Alcohol and diabetes had destroyed his small but ample frame.

I’ll write more on the laughing boy soon and indeed his contemporaries who are sadly overlooked by the Intelligentsia on both sides of the Atlantean pond. It’s late and I’ve yet to arrange travel for my clan to the windy city.

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Jose's first trophy......

No rest for the wicked!

I haven’t blogged in a while so here goes.

Chelsea had a blip on their travels recently, bounced out of the FA cup by a workaday Newcastle team and beaten by Barcelona in the Champion’s league first leg due to some really dodgy refereeing.

Normal service was resumed when the Blues beat Liverpool in the Carling Cup Final in The superb Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. It was a great game, well worth the PPV price – even it was a gouge!

Liverpool scored first with a superb John Arne Riise volley after only 45 seconds and having dominated the opening 45 seconds fell under a relentless Chelsea siege until Steven Gerrard their captain scored his first goal for Chelsea. This prompted Jose Mourinho to remind the Assembled Media to shut the f**k up and mistakenly was taken up by those sensitive scouse souls in the stands beyond to be a gesture towards their “chirpy bantering” towards the Chelsea bench

Extra time saw Chelsea take a 3-1 lead through Didier Drogba and Mateja Kezman. A late Nunez foul on Peter Cech was allowed to stand and the goal that resulted did so too.

Man of the match for me was Claude Makalele. He was simply everywhere! Richard Carvalho, John Terry and Paolo Ferreira (despite his awol for Riise’s goal) ran him close.

John, Stevie & Eidur enjoy a grand day out!

Final score: Chelsea 3 Liverpool 2

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