Sunday, January 30, 2005

Chelsea 2 Brummies 0

Well the lads moved on in the cup 2-0 over Birmingham so talk of the quad still lives on. Meanwhile Arsenal showed how desperate they are to catch us "any which way" they can by planting a 'tap-up" story that CFC are trying to poach Ashley Cole from them. That is to say, that if such an approach was made, CFC would have points docked from them.

Apparently, Cole was "seen" speaking to Chelsea Coach Mourinho and CEO Peter Kenyon in a hotel in London on Thursday last and supposedly "a sworn affadavit" is supposed to be in place, according to the ever reliable British tabloid press.

However...Chelsea's Portuguese man o'war, Jose Mourinho, reacted by nonchantly saying he could not possibly have met Cole as he was in Milan talking to Adriano on that day. For all who do not know, Adriano is the Brazilian Superstar of the moment & the future.

It also may well have been Jose talking to Adriano Calliano, AC Milan's CEO about Jon Dahl Tomasson who may be heading to the bridge with some lire in exchange for Hernan Crespo. Again Jose, shows that when it comes to mind games, he has few peers!

a man o' war earlier in the day!

Incidentally, Huth & Terry were the scorers in today's game.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

50 years wait almost over

50 years is a long time in any one's language. In a football club's it is an eternity. So forgive me if I begin this blog in a tribute to a club I have supported for well over 30 years but in a matter of weeks, my beloved Chelsea FC should be crowned Premier Champions of England for the first time since 1955.

So over the next few weeks, I'll be paying tribute to a number of people I feel should be praised for their contribution to this event.

A lot of nonsense from begrudgers, barrackboys and naysayers (principally manure/arse supporters) have spouted on about the buying of a title but these morons tend to forget that a huge amount of work had been prepared by the club in the preceding ten years.

I'll get to that eventually but in the meantime, welcome to this spot, hope we can agree on something and come back often!