Monday, April 09, 2012

Copperhead Creek

White Oak Road & Creek
The Late "Hissing Sid"
Just down the road from where I live..well about 8 miles White Oak Creek. Tucked away in the center of Brown County, just north of the Capitol Georgetown is this little bend of the (White Oak) river which is also known among some of the older locals as Copperhead Creek...the actual Copperhead creek is a little stream that runs under a bridge just before the bridges new and old that span the White Oak Creek proper. This fellah (on the right), I found dead on the road last year..obviously clipped by a car as he was crossing the road. It wasn't the first meeting I have had with a copperhead and probably won't be the last..I came on another one last May in Butler County when I was on a spin..again the victim of a passing car.  A Black Racer just around from my House made it an "Unholy Trinity" of dead serpents last year
Anyway..went down to the Creek today to see how the new Bridge is coming along....not ready yet but almost there...the old bridge is now out of commission so my favored route to "the South" (Ripley, Higginsport & Moscow) is closed for the time being. 

Waiting for the New Bridge
Just after the Bridge, there is a sadistic little hill which if not tackled correctly will defeat even a Mountain Goat let alone the workaday club cyclist but that is what Hills are be climbed and conquered.

Southern Brown County has some great climbs as the County suddenly slides towards the Ohio just south of Georgetown. No doubt the Ice Age and it's glaciers as they retreated tore out the ravines and canyons that we have today, nothing on the scale of the Alps or Pyrenees but none too shabby all the same for some half decent training or challenging spins.


Great to get out on the Bike at any time but when you have new routes, wonderful scenery and great company, One is in cycling heaven!

This weekend I had not one but two such spins with all the above, my first Cincinnati Cycling Club tour was on Saturday. We enjoyed the famous Breakfast Ride from Goshen to Pleasant Plain and beyond....Yesterday (Easter Sunday) was special though...working our way from the suburbs (Loveland) into the City proper was just wonderful. Fantastic weather helped a bit too!!

Sawyer Point
Some Interesting hills as we traversed the City heading through the rolling Estates of Indian Hills down into Mariemount and Fairfax, along Erie Avenue over the hump and down into Columbia Tusculum and a straight shot via Riverside Drive passing the over-flowing faithful who were at Easter Mass in St. Rose's Church, spinning along into Sawyer Point to the Purple People Bridge where we gathered to look at the Queen City at her finest.
"Black Betty"

Sunday's Group
you couldn't ask for a better bunch of
Cycling Colleagues.

I've put in a decent base so far this year and have to say "Black Betty" is a joy to operate particularly on the hills and inclines of SW Ohio..hopefully it will stand me in good stead for the Redbud Ride in London, Kentucky which I have been aiming at since Christmas.

The Clement weather we have enjoyed these past few months have been a boon no doubt but it is a must to have something to aim for...a life lesson there! Link to the redbud is here...Redbud ride

Many Thanks to Jim & Irvine and Molly and friends for their week the CCC has their Spring opener so that will be fun and hopefully as fun as this weekend.