Thursday, June 28, 2007

a moving experience....

The last post was "glad to be back" hinting I was back on the blog trail but circumstances delayed that adventure so months later I am posting yet again after the trials & travails of buying, selling and at the moment refurbishing a house with all it's attendant problems/situations.

The little fellah loves the space as do we all...It is coming together bit by bit, a decent sized garden , a voluminous garage - lots of living room or "Lebensraum" which went out of fashion as a word of the intelligentsia in the 1938-'39 era .

The lot /site I love as it is set amidst a grove of maple trees, great protection from all the elements and adding a certain aesthetic to our first home together.

It appears we are besieged by some fine people as neighbours and we look forward to getting to know them in time.

This home is a great blessing from God and we're very thankful for it!