Friday, August 25, 2006

Disney, Football & Pirates

Trying to lighten up and then I see that the boffins say Pluto is no longer a planet, always figured it was "Mickey Mouse" myself!

All the Sh*te that is going on in the world today and people get hot & bothered over this! The world that we live in is heading down the chute in a hurry!

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, I see Chelsea have Barcelona yet again in the Champion's league. Year 3 and they still can't get away from each other. Barca have their own Disney Character Goofy who is sometimes called Ronaldinho, others think his resemblance to bugs Bunny is uncanny...

More than a striking resemblance (no pun intended) wouldn't you say!

He is a remarkable footballer all the same even if he has a face like a slapped arse!

Without intending it to be, this piece has become almost a homage to Disney...

Disney of course are responsible for "Pirates of the Caribbean", the breakout movie for that unknown actor from Louisville, Mr. J. Depp esq... (Irony folks!). The thing is my youngster simply loves Pirates, whether it's the colour, the accents or the sheer mischief of Bucanneering that appeals to him, I do not know but he adores the genre. I have to admit it is fun watching him act out a sword fight or when he gets into his" Luke Skywalker" mode...amazing to see imagination developing before your eyes.

I have some pics on the old pc that I will post soon. Pictures of interest especially to those folk interested in piratry and the lore of.

Till then!


I find myself being very sad these days. I have a little boy who I dote on and would move the earth for if I could.

Last week whilst meeting the team I coach for their first session, we got news that a little boy by the name of Marcus Fiesel was missing in a neighbouring park...only a few months older than my fella..this little boy apparently wandered off from his foster mother who had passed out.

The child has never been recovered despite thousands of good decent people searching for him again & again for three days solid. The case is very distressing for me as being a recent parent - the disappearance of this little tot hits home even harder. The other thing is that this child had not much of a life and for this to happen is saddening beyond words. As you can see from the pictures and the article below, he is a beautiful little boy and the whole situation is heartbreaking.

Whoever reads this, please say a prayer for this child's safe recovery!
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