Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jose Mourinho 2004-2007

Well, he's gone and it seems like one long wake ever since! Roman brought him to the Bridge and hopefully things will be back on an even keel soon enough however I think that is a forlorn hope, ...I think of Yeats and his words in the poem - "The Second Coming";
"Things fall apart, the center cannot hold"
Carefree Chris made this video of the greatest manager that ever strode upon the turf of Stamford Bridge. Many thanks Chris from the Blue family!

We're eternally gratefully Jose!

Long life & Great success to you & yours!

Guinness Wexford Festival Pub Quiz.

I read that the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps is holding it's annual Pub Quiz, beginning Tueday night.
Sponsored by Guinness, It's is held over 5 weeks amidst the various hostelries of Wexford district. As I was involved in setting up the initial competitions and setting the questions, I'll be keeping a weather eye on developments.

My old pal Francis Mahon is among those involved and I am sure copious amounts of the Black stuff will be imbibed over the next few weeks. A link will be provided for any that care to check out on the right hand side of the blog.
As I write this, I think of my quiz comrades Philip Cleere, Tim Galvin & Dan Flaherty. There are quite a few stories concerning our escapades but as long as the lads keep sending the brown envelopes, I won't divulge anything.