Monday, April 09, 2012

Copperhead Creek

White Oak Road & Creek
The Late "Hissing Sid"
Just down the road from where I live..well about 8 miles White Oak Creek. Tucked away in the center of Brown County, just north of the Capitol Georgetown is this little bend of the (White Oak) river which is also known among some of the older locals as Copperhead Creek...the actual Copperhead creek is a little stream that runs under a bridge just before the bridges new and old that span the White Oak Creek proper. This fellah (on the right), I found dead on the road last year..obviously clipped by a car as he was crossing the road. It wasn't the first meeting I have had with a copperhead and probably won't be the last..I came on another one last May in Butler County when I was on a spin..again the victim of a passing car.  A Black Racer just around from my House made it an "Unholy Trinity" of dead serpents last year
Anyway..went down to the Creek today to see how the new Bridge is coming along....not ready yet but almost there...the old bridge is now out of commission so my favored route to "the South" (Ripley, Higginsport & Moscow) is closed for the time being. 

Waiting for the New Bridge
Just after the Bridge, there is a sadistic little hill which if not tackled correctly will defeat even a Mountain Goat let alone the workaday club cyclist but that is what Hills are be climbed and conquered.

Southern Brown County has some great climbs as the County suddenly slides towards the Ohio just south of Georgetown. No doubt the Ice Age and it's glaciers as they retreated tore out the ravines and canyons that we have today, nothing on the scale of the Alps or Pyrenees but none too shabby all the same for some half decent training or challenging spins.

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