Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chicago again!

The Windy City

“To the City of Chicago
As the evening shadows fall
There are people dreaming
Of the hills of Donegal”

Or so the song goes…well I am not dreaming of the hills of Donegal though I was in the south of that county – flat as a bloody pancake incidentally, when we (Wexford) played them in the 3rd division of the national league (1981) times have changed for the better for both Counties in the Football department.

Anyway, we were off to that City once more to visit my wife’s maternal home although her own ancestral home is Wexford. Lots of things are planned, visits to old haunts and some new ones too. My wife is anxious for us to try Italian grinders…sandwiches, dripping in olive oil, sausage, peppers, various cheeses all topped by a rich tomato sauce sprinkled with herbs.

Chelsea by some strange co-incidence visit the town at that time and by an even stranger co-incidence we will be seeing them too. I’ll enjoy the time away, meeting some old friends from England & Ireland…a chance to relax amidst my own, and a refreshing change from the daily pun intended.

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