Sunday, July 09, 2006

Coupe de Monde 2006 - Endgame

Thrilling isn’t it, this world cup promised so much and fizzled out to a damp squib by the tournament’s end. France play Italy in the final and the romantic in me wants the French to win, the purist – Italy.

This world cup won’t be remembered for much save the awful refereeing, the cynicism of a lot of the teams, the playacting of a lot of the leading players and the bellyaching of England as yet again they fail to live up to their own hype….They had some wonderful talent but left it all at home. A bunch of turnips led by a Swede as it turns out.

So now two are left, France & Italy.

France was galvanized by comments of Msr. Le Pen, Leader of the Front Nationale who declared that “there were too many blacks on the team”. Galvanized by Spanish Coach, Luis Aragones racism & the Spanish fan’s monkey chants, galvanized by the diving of Portugal..the “old men” marshaled superbly by Zinidane Zidane, the son of Algerian Immigrants, himself well versed to racism of the “know nothing” element that one finds all around the world. Being acquainted with it here, I am well aware of the anger & resentment it causes in the soul.

Heart, Bravery, Courage, call it what you will…I’d love to see France win over an Italian team that were galvanized also, galvanized by the corruption scandals in their own country. Scandals that are very serious yet symptomatic of their game, forever being tainted with bribery, it could be said that the chickens are coming home to roost. But therein lays the rub, in France v Italy – we have a common cause over an uncommon cause. Light against Dark, right over wrong.

Bravery over Cynicism that is what this game boils down to.

Vive La France!

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