Thursday, December 28, 2006

Eddie Lenihan

The master Seanchai, Eddie Lenihan is a national treasure. A native of Kerry now resident in the Banner county - Clare, he is a collator & archivist of the traditional tales from primarily that side of the country but to this Wexfordman, they are tales that I also heard in my own hinterland (the baronies of Forth & Bargy) from the old folk .

A wonderful story teller.....His website is on the right hand side of this site....if you have an interest in the Other crowd or indeed enjoy the lore of Celtic Ireland and beyond...reading this man's tales is a must.

The Other crowd are what we Irish call the Tuatha De Dannann or the Fairies as they are known to the western world. To make fun of them is do so at your own peril. there are so many tales from all over the Country of the mischief they cause to the nay sayers & mongrels who make fun of them.
If you are interested in reading further, Try this book he told/co-wrote with Carolyn Eve Green...a cornucopia of tales & lore concerning the good people. It's available at all good online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

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