Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It was (almost) 40 years ago today

That Sgt Pepper taught the band to play.....

Can you remember the first piece of music to literally blow you away...I can...For me, it was not a song, It was an album from start to finish...was it the world's first concept album? I dunno but it is regarded as a masterpiece and rightly so.

The Beatle's "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

Released in Europe on June 1 & the US on June 2, 1967....the music world changed forever... I was a three year old then, I did not discover it till 9 years later.

I literally wore out my album; I played it so was, each time, an incredible journey.
Needless to say there were not many albums that come close to it in terms of its genius

There are so many firsts, events & connotations associated with this album, that to write of them here would be a waste of space..see the wiki article here;

The greatest band in Music History?....I think so.

I went on to discover Roxy Music soon after, Peter Gabriel & Genesis not to mention the Police, Ultravox, The Waterboys & the Divine Comedy plus a few others but the Beatles magnum opus remains supreme in this writer's collection.

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