Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Slob of Wexford

Watching the Birds!.....

No, not that type of slob.....

Around the Corner from the beautiful Raven point in Curracloe just a few miles north of Wexford Town is the North Slob, 1,000 hectares of a slobland...reclaimed lands from the sea which is now a combination of famland and an extensive wildfowl reserve, which now in itself comprises a site of some 550 acres. It is a reserve of great International Significance and a place of tremendous wild beauty. The picture to the right shows the Forest of the Raven's point at the top and part of it's superb beach.

The word slob is from the gaelic - mud, soft, mire...I understand the word slob is also derived from the Irish - meaning a soft fleshed person also - Sorry about that slobs of the World!

At the Wildfowl reserve, there are several hides from where one can watch the comings & goings of many visitors to our Wexford shores. Many a Sunday afternoon, I spent there with my German Shepherd "Dusty" at my side who was quiet as a Mouse looking on. She was a very contented and good natured dog and a lovely companion on a walk...her favourite place in the world were the forests of the Raven's point.

More information on the Reserve and the slob to the right hand side, should you desire further reading.

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